Burning Daylight with Bob Brogden

Today’s podcast is about our good friend, Bob Brogden. Bob was our original guide for the cross country tours. Bob was also the person who had our trust in getting us from Mobile, AL to Niagara Falls, NY when we toured of the Underground Railroad.

You know, after recording this interview, Itza and I realized that we don’t even know Bob. Even though we’ve biked with him three times across the country, we don’t really know him. Itza and I can both remember stories about Bob that will always stick with us but they didn’t add up to us thinking we know him. Learn about Bob as we learn about him, too. You won’t be disappointed.

Bob’s wealth of experience as an educator makes him the perfect person to talk about how this intersection of Bikes and Youth of Color actually makes a difference. The very reason that Spoke’n Revolutions exists